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Doubters Became Believers

I don’t believe in God. I’m an Academic, an Engineer, a purely Logical Person who finds logic behind each and everything in world…life; so I don’t have faith in something don’t exist or without a logic. I have faith in my family, friends and most importantly myself. I believe in Nature… Mother Nature. But I’m not discussing here what I believe or not, today I have something better and important to say.
Doubting in someone’s ability is quite common, so on that note nothing new, but the question is on whom ability are you doubting? A person having a determined character is not the right one to doubt. When people doubted on the ability of Sir Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein both proved everybody wrong. That was the exact point when the “Doubters Became Believers”.
That was the same case happened to a person I’m watching from my childhood days. That person is a Legend. He is known by many names RF, FedExpress or just “Roger Federer”.
Roger Federer had very bad year, or I say forgettable year 2016. More than half of the season he was out of the court due to the knee injury. The critics told him to retire. But I think Roger Federer and his better half Mirka Federer had some amazing plans.
If we see his build, he’s exactly what an athlete dream of.., strong legs, swiftness in body and blazing strength in hands. He is one of those 5 players in the world who play backhand single handedly. Long rallies, drop shots, aces, slashes, fierce returns a.k.a. mixture of everything great.
Coming back from injury is never easy. Your confidence is down all time low. You are searching the ground to stand on and when also critics making life hell and air around you un-breathable . Family support is what everyone have that make you solid and hard like mountain so that you can accomplish anything. This is what he does just few weeks back.
Having confidence in himself, a supporting wife Mirka and kids whom face can make any parent just forget anything bad happened. In comeback his wife and kids played important part.
His rivalry against Rafa is world known. In head to head clash Rafa leads Federer and picking up the favourite there was “Deuce”. Rafa also coming back from an injury. Both greats were searching the ground again for the foot-hold. None of them was favourite for years first grand slam AO. Undoubtedly Rafa is king on clay courts and Federer on the grass court. So first both were playing each other on their second best court respectively. Who can forget the epic battle in the Wimbledon 2008, when Rafa stunned the world by beating Roger Federer in the slam finals. There was doubt who will win but everyone knew that the battle is going to be Epic and will be remembered for the ages.
In the arena there were Federer fans, Rafa fans and some of them sporting the cards of “Fedal – Sorry Can’t Choose”. A month ago who would have thought that Rafa (World No. 9) and Federer (World No. 17) will be contesting for Slam beating all odds, both coming from injury and missing most of 2016 season.
The single handed backhand winners from the Federer set the tone and the music didn’t stopped there. As he won the Australian Open his 18th Grand Slam title most by any male players in the Open Era and beating Rafa he cemented his position permanently in the Tennis History and unforgettable part of Tennis, also laying rest all the discussion who is better between the two (Roger or Rafa). At last Federer showed his superiority on the court (Hard) which is second best strength of the either two. This match showed everyone why Roger Federer is greatest among all.
This is not the morning, it’s the evening and the night is coming when he’ll say good-bye to tennis. But this evening is shining more than the morning. So just stop for a while, enjoy the evening and celebrate this festival known as “Roger Federer”.


Despite everything, I can’t bear the thought of this stone being lost forever, any more than I can bear the thought of leaving you forever. And though I have no choice about the one, at least I can choose about the other. I’m leaving you my stone because you have as much right to it as I do.


I’m writing this watching the sun come up. You’re asleep, dreams moving behind your restless eyelids. I wish I knew what you were thinking. I wish I could slip into your head and see the world the way you do. I wish I could see myself the way you do. But maybe I don’t want to see that. Maybe it would make me feel even more than I already do that I’m perpetuating some kind of Great Lie on you, and I couldn’t stand that.


I belong to you. You could do anything you wanted with me and I would let you. You could ask anything of me and I’d break myself trying to make you happy. My heart tells me this is the best and greatest feeling I have ever had. But my mind knows the difference between wanting what you can’t have and wanting what you shouldn’t want. And I shouldn’t want you.


All night I’ve watched you sleeping, watched the moonlight come and go, casting its shadows across your face in black and white. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful. I think of the life we could have had if things were different, a life where this night is not a singular event, separate from everything else that’s real, but every night. But things are different, and I can’t look at you without feeling like I’ve tricked you into loving me.

The truth no one is willing to say out loud is that no one has a shot against sadness but me. I can get close to sadness like no one else can. I can pretend I want to join sadness and sadness will accompany me, up until that last moment where I end it all, one way or another. I have something of sadness; I can track sadness to where my sadness hiding. And that’s what I’m going to do. So I lied to you last night. I said that I just wanted one moment with you. But I want every moment with you. And that’s why I have to slip out. Because if I had to tell you this to your face, I couldn’t make myself go.


I don’t blame you if you hate me, I wish you would. As long as I can still dream, I will dream of you.


Long-time no see, or should I say waiting for the right time for the right act. Ha! Ha! Ha! well this is great. You must be wondering what. For that I’ll tell you the phase of the life that is being currently in progress is great and fabulous. Every person in the life wonder when they will get the best phase of their lives. Everybody accounts their best phase at different phases of the life. I consider myself lucky I got best phase in the life two times and you know what currently last one is in progress. I’m not saying that this phase is over because it’s not going to end anytime soon before I stop breathing. Sometimes something got bonded so deep like “thromboplastin” in blood. It doesn’t matter from where you belong, the only thing that matters is that how deep and true are you in your relationship, efforts to keep them intact like the blossoming flower.

Blossoming flower, morning breeze and the dawn’s sunlight are in the purest form to preserve and maintain the originality of the nature. The true-friendship is also the purest form of the nature. It doesn’t demand anything, it knows only one thing and only one thing and that is to give. I found true friends in my life and that is only because of the originality in the relationship. We are good or we are bad for each other, we are always there for each other, in anyone’s sorrow, in anyone’s happiness we always become an integral and non-removable part of it. If we don’t talk to each other, it doesn’t matter because somewhere in the heart we are always there with each other. A true relationship sometime is like oxygen for someone to breathe, like water for the thirsty and the food for the hungry. And you know what is the best part of it, the satisfaction on the friend’s face, the happiness in the eyes, the enthusiasm in the breath and the victory in the voice.

Being blessed with friends like this is like drinking the nectar of the “Eternity”. Let me tell about my friends I met in my life’s journey till now. First one, my best friend from my childhood. We are friends from the time we didn’t know “what is friendship” and the meaning of the word “friend”. But we lived our friendship each and every bit of the second or I use the word nano second. We cared for each other, we caressed each other. And still we are living in the cocktail of friendship. I’m not going to describe this friend anymore because the words for describing her are not made. But I must say after the marriage and a kid, she’s just like the same and cheerful she was in the past. Only the thing that changes is that she was a daughter and best bud of mine, but now she is a wife, a mother and a great person. I adore her; I brace her and am an integral part of life until my dying breath. She’s a wonderful mother, loving wife, obedient daughter and a dearest friend. But above all she’s a wonderful person. I have known her since my first day of school, that’s why I can say that no one can feel excluded even in hundreds when around her. I feel deeply blessed to have her in my life as a friend, support and above all a beautiful person with a beautiful heart. I just add one thing that she’s best and best and best person, friend I have known in my whole life. You know words are never required for communication between us, only eyes and faces’ expression is enough. This self can suggest how deep we are in understanding each other like a Gazebo that has only the pleasant view but deep meaning. When I’m with her it’s just like there is nothing more than I can ask from God. She had fulfilled every aspect of the friendship that she can and is in her domain. She never left anything related to me for reeling that might be that this had happened. She always did what is the best and in fact that always came out to be the best. She is a genuine friend and beautiful person, and that I can say for sure because she always think of others before she think for herself. She is just the best person I have ever known after my parents, & this is just not that it been seen in her only, it can be easily seen in her family because a person is mostly the mirror image of the family in which he or she grows up. I’m sure the education she’ll provide to her daughter will also be best and one of a kind. There is no doubt to question her no problem too difficult to solve with her and no commitment too big if she is involved. I just say one thing she all-n-all and best. Its better that I stop here or I’m going to write a book on her!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

The second one is completely different, unique and resemble like a rhapsody. He is one of his kind and very rebellious, but same time sensitive, simulated and stimulated. He never cared about what will happen and what will he be going to do. Nothing is good or bad in his view, everything is like “It’s worth it or not”. He value every relationship he’s involved in and very delicately and truthfully and superbly. There’s a reason of calling him a rhapsody is because that “he’s also a mixture of different things just like a rhapsody is like a mixture of different notes and the music instruments”. He is mixture of love, commitment, fun, craziness, volatility and also truthfulness. Whenever he’s around no one is going to sit quietly and numb. He keeps everybody on their tow whether it’s meeting, gathering, or the party. Well this person is a party animal, and is always fond of the parties and fun. He has his unique style, a different and the only persona. Well that’s the simplest way to stand out and be the one in all. I must add that whatever he do whether it’s the repeated stuff but he somehow finds the touch he has so that the person who know him can say that yes this is done by this person. I’ll not say this person has a magnetic personality because he doesn’t possess it but must say that he has the attractive one. He’s like very clumsy person to fit in but if he gets fit one time then you can say there is no other than him can fit better and you should watch what he become, and only thing that you need to embrace him is just the love, affection, trust and friendship. These are the things that can make a normal person wealthier, stronger and can make the richest person nothing; if taken away from him. I must add an incident, once in the office he was carrying out his work and talking to me as I was beside him. Suddenly one more colleague from the office said how much you can talk brother, well that is his stamina to talk and talk continuously without the break. You can’t stop him and if you want to stop him then it’s your foolishness. About his nature, I prior said that he’s spontaneous and that is in deep of him. He continue always to amaze everyone with his doings and deeds; but I must say in a funny and positive way. He is fond of mischievous activities and that’s in his blood. You may say that this type of nature is only good for the kids or who are still in the childhood but he never left his childhood. He never cares about what people gonna think of him. He just do what he wanna do and no matter how inappropriate that is to the people who keep a tab on him saying now be mature and be practical and realistic. I must tell you one incident, we were partying and we were partying hard he suddenly started doing absolutely rubbish actions, well everyone was enjoying it but for real I must tell you that all the actions done by him were absolutely the purest form without any melancholy or the distorted submission. Well for his sake I must stop now because if I go further there is no stopping me.

“?”, well the third one is a question mark for the people who don’t know him because you can’t bring out or get to a conclusion what he’s up to until he tells you or you better know him. Maximum time his face is simply emotionless, nobody knows he’s angry or he is jovial but that can only be told by the people who knows him that well to judge the mood. Many time the people tried to be judgment al with him but that is because of his emotionless nature and face. When he’s angry there is no point he gonna be inside and not uttering a word, he expels out each and every emotion he got in himself. He never takes a step in within for the containment of the statement or the feeling or the emotions. That’s why I can tell he’s a true person because if he’s angry he is on face and if he is jovial on anything he’s on face. Countering him is quite difficult for those who don’t understand him because you stand no chance in front of him when he counter attack, as balancing his counter-attack is the thing can’t be done by all. Well within inside he is beautiful person, if you in yourself are a true person you can’t deny him like that he’s not. There is no apparatus he can’t fill with, he’s flexible, understanding, and most of the top trustworthy. Suppose he says to you come with me, and he doesn’t tell you about where to go and what to do, I can say that I definitely will walk along because if he’s saying he’s going then he knows how the path fairs; no need to think much just be the part and walk along, you never gonna regret your decision. Well I must say it’s a privilege to be with a person like him, work with him, party with him because of his originality that always possess; just that he is quite a marvellous person whatsoever will be the reason he never gonna ditch any of his true friend. One thing I must tell you about this person as how truthful he’s, when he thinks he don’t like the particular thing he say in front at once no matter how the person in front will take it or respond to it, he just expresses himself that it. Whilst considering this is a very peculiar quality that must be possessed by everyone but few one contain it. He’s little bit fussy about his food, what he wants to have and whether he wants to have or not totally it’s on his mood and the la mina he have. He creates and direct his own path, he doesn’t care about on what others have worked and done the things, he believes in himself and his own originality and do the extension around in the possession and the surroundings like that. He has very peculiar taste of things, neither have I got to know that by others, different and smarter. Well I end that by saying this that I like and love this ‘?’ I got in my life.

The fourth one is really piece of a nasty person, in everything either that to be the interest he share or the choices he make. It doesn’t mean when I write he’s a piece of nasty that he is nasty one, the nastiness that is basically in himself clearly liked by the true ones. He is very talkative person and very fun making person but I must say that he’s also careless person or the most careless person I have ever met. I can see that in his words, in his style, in his life. But the best think that carelessness is only for the fun part. He never had made any one hurt or embarrassed due to his doings. He is a popular person in every kind of crowd, either you say male crowd or the female crowd. There never been a day he talk about resigning from the job and get away. Whenever I call him, or vice versa we reach to one topic at the end, that he wants to resign from the job and get away somewhere that is somewhat exciting, adventurous and breath-taking to him apart from the job. Sometimes I feel about him that he doesn’t know what he wanna do, as he sounds very confused and diluted. Sometimes he say he wanna do this, sometimes he wanna do that, screwed and very jumbled. He is not very expressive but the expression he has is enough to say anything. He is just into the cell, he can’t live without the cell and its like taking away his soul if you take his cell with you. I can’t imagine how this person is going to live when the service is not received by the cell. I must say when I’m spending the time with the person, the time is never wasted. Its beautiful and jovial having him in the life.

Well are you ready to know the fifth one, I’m sure you are; if not then ready because this person believe in the bang, whether coming in the conversation or making the presence felt. I know this person from my second firm. This person is quite a liberate and the liberate in his own style. You can’t have this person without taking the sides, this person have his own idea of living and the unique one. He like to live in the rebellion way, you can’t force him to live life like this or do this or don’t. But I’m not saying he not listens to you if you are saying anything to him, he listens to everybody but he do whatever he wants to do. He will never bore you an always find a way to put everyone in the track of the fun path. I attended few functions with him, and I really enjoyed his company and I always have and I always will. His thinking stream is different and out of the league what I found till now, alike a unique thinker. I read a phrase from a great thinker, well I don’t remember his name the quotation was, “Go along the path you choose with choosing the friend with all your heart to accompany you, because neither the path nor the friend will ever leave you”. This friend is the same, he never let you down whether you gonna have any kind of discreation with him. He’s just with you and always with you at all the times.

Lastly I wanna tell you about a friend who is sweet, pretty and wholesome. You must me wondering I wrote pretty that means I’m ending the blog with describing a female friend and extending your thought that I started the blog with describing a female friend. This is because, girls are the most precious in our life and society because they are the synonyms of prettiness, love and awesome. This girl I don’t know how I describe her, either I say she is just the open person I know or the lively person I met. She has her own quality and lots of irrelevant qualities that if I might get a chance I wanna change in her. She is optimistic but mistique, she is normal but same time abnormal behaviour, she is roundabout but at very same specific point clustered. This is her awesomeness or not I’m not quite sure about this because if I say so that’ll be judge-mental with her and that is not good. She lives her life grand just like me that is quite obvious the kind of nature she has in her and I must say specifically like roller-coaster because her mood also is very up and down at many times. She wants to do this and suddenly says when I told you I wanna this I never did. This thing sometimes make me angry but then made me realise this is the moments and the crux of the moments that gonna be part of the life and will make me happily cry while remembering these. She never backs herself, she is like a air that can’t be caught; only thing that is possible with her and the most amazing thing that just try to flow with her. Let’s stop now I’ll definitely be back with some more some other time.

“And please don’t bother why I’m not describe myself because standing in the league of these extraordinary human being, is enough for me; I’m just a small person sharing my life with these special persons.”


Hi, I haven’t written a blog for more than seven months. There may be two reasons either I was busy or I wasn’t getting a topic to write on and express my feelings. And for waiting for seven months I got the topic “Friendship & Love”. No topic can be bigger and better than “Friendove”. Few days back I was talking to my friend. He told me his trip and party with his friends he spent out of the town. The whole group enjoyed a lot. The group has six friends, one girl and five boys.
Let me introduce you with the whole group. The host of the party was a cool guy. His name is “Booty Boy”. He is always fond of the gathering of friends, and I’m sure this time he got what he wanted and he got overwhelmed. The girl is very cheesy, over the top “PANJU” types. Her name is “Drunken Mistress”. She is obsessive with Drinking and partying. The third one, well what I can I tell you about him. He’s fond of trips adventure and very worthy enjoyable person carry the name “Woody Hoops”. The next and fourth is very fond of exercises and toning his body. He never wants to slip the exercise rather than anything. He named as “Bananiana”. One thing he always likes is to be with the troublemakers or I should say treblemakers. Next fifth and last just a simple common person oldest in the age, youngest in the fun, and he never forgets to take the best care of his friends. He is named as the “Neutron”.


They all gathered somewhere in a rented house out of the town to celebrate their friendship with the love, the care & of course with the foam of smoke and river of beverages. They all pre-committed that they will take enjoyment to the next level today, and you know what this was the exactly what they did. They celebrated & celebrated night long until the night lost the fight and the sun rose through the East.


They started with the little bit of some beer and the talking. The party music was going on side by side. Bananiana started to have the Sides and the Cold-drink. He never drinks, yeah that’s true he never drinks and he says he never will but the presence of his makes the difference in the group. As not all the seasons and fingers are equal, in the same way not all the friends are equal but only due the absence of the one the void the emptiness is being experienced. Same way he drinks or not his presence is necessary and always to be wanted. The Neutron got a DSLR and he started what he is known for. Yes photographs, but couldn’t do it for long as the reason of the gathering was not what he was doing, he start boozing.


Woody Hoops needed to be loosen up and he started to loosen up quickly but not the Bananiana as he was complaining for few unknown personality but how long he can deny. The time will come and enjoyment will definitely get over him but little later. This is the time Booty boy showed his booty on the songs one after another and started to set the mood that was very wonkiness and very crispy. Everyone started to join. The smoke was everywhere and the time is that it had to be. “Tu twenty plus ho gayi”, what a song and what an atmosphere this song created with the dance of the booty boy. In the whole song he prompted “Drunken Mistress”, and I know what you could think that she blushed but, I would say in your dreams ‘baby’. If I describe her exact reaction at the point of the time she blushed for a single moment and joined with Booty Boy to give exact replica reactions back to him just accordance to the song’s lyrics. This was the time when real celebration begins, the celebration of friendship, the celebration of love so I called this the celebration of “Friendove”.


As all having there booze, and getting little bit high, everyone insists “Neutron” to indulge in the dancing and show his few steps. Accepting the invitation and song suggested by Bananiana, he started to dance and dance little bit, showing his one of the “signature step”. He got applauded. Now the time came for the “Drunken Mistress”. She started to move her legs, hands, hips and most importantly hairs. Sometime they thought “Ghosts had hopped in her”. She danced her heart out, taking bit breaks with the cigarette and roaming in the place’s balcony for the fresh air. She sat on the railing of the balcony holding Woody Hoops by the right and the Bananiana on the left, Neutron smoking his one in the front, when Booty Boy and Bananiana said that step down Mistress the railing will melt because you are too hot for the railing.


You know guys these are the precious moment of the night that are going to be in the memory fresh better than ever till the last breath of the every single person present under the roof. After getting so much freshness of breeze outside atmosphere they all came back to the main hall for the new Booze bottle. And after the second booze got finished “Drunken Mistress” showed her true colours, flavours, goosing, mossing, dazing, oozing and what not. It’s like she got out of the cocoon. Drinking two bottles of booze just made her break the cocoon and feel free and fresh. She started roiling, dwelling, and making stupefies measures. Every time she was pampering three people Bananiana, Woody Hoops & Neutron and among the three “Bananiana” the most.  Her favourite one liner to Bananiana was “I love you, as a friend”. This happened for more than 50 – 60 times in just 6 hours span, and don’t imagine what happened afterwards. Sometimes they called her “arey baba” on which she instantly interrupted “Baba nahi baby”.


She was on top of the world; booze was taking its toll on her mind, completely driven insane and marinated. She was dancing anomaly but lovingly, throwing herself with full force on Bananiana, Woody Hoops and Neutron. She felt some dizzied and low on stamina and lied on her back talking, she also got her feet massaged, at this point of time every one was chillaxing and toxin-noting. Everyone was feeling livid and resonating. Suddenly she started shouting “Inqualab Zindabad” with some cigarette puffs. It was her third one and it was her first time that she had so much smoke sticks. That hit hard on her head, to calm her down was like a humongous task.


They all decided to sing songs together. Now all of them Booty Boy, Drunken Mistress, Woody Hoops, Bananiana and Neutron started singing songs. One by one they sang romantic songs like “Is Kadar Pyar Hai”, “Gulabi Aankhen” etc.


Everyone was feeling hungry, so all of them decided to have dinner, if you can guess the time don’t even try to as the time was nearly three in the morning. She was in no condition to have her food on her own, there were two caretakers who made her eat & swallow her food. She was having her food like a small baby “nonu”. She in dizzied manner insisted to have the food on her own but couldn’t and spilled the food on Neutron. Bananiana and Neutron made sure she had the food completely as much as she wanted. After she had her dinner Bananiana took her to the adjoining room, whereas Neutron and Booty Boy continued to have the dinner. After everybody had their dinner the room was cleaned for lying down. Everyone ate something but not the Woody Hoops. He insisted not for having a single bite. Being a good host Booty Boy cleaned the mess and the room for everybody can lie down.


After cleaning the room everyone came under the single room, there were three mattresses on which all lie down side by side and lining on each other. Drunken Mistress was pointing Bananiana, Woody Hoops and Neutron, “mere teen anmol rattan”. She was pretty high, might be on above the top of her own world.  Everyone asked Booty Boy to play some romantic songs; he started to play songs through the “YouTube”.


When all of them got tired listening to the romantic songs and the dizzied Drunken Mistress constantly doing insane actions, shouting, crying pretty weird but at the same time very lovely. There was no stopping to her and she was not even in any one’s control. Rest of them were thinking to give her slaps, but couldn’t. Booty Boy played a long Jingle on YouTube and lied down; went to sleep. Woody Hoops was trying to sleep but every time he was tamed by the Drunken Mistress. His hair was constantly on the berk of stretching by her and she was just laughing and saying no one will sleep. She was begging on trot for the Booze, which rest of them had denied her. She was fighting with them just to have the booze.


All of them were trying to get some rest but she was not even trying to calm down and keep lying on the mattress. When she wants, she stood up wandering here & there, pulling hairs of Woody Hoops, pushing Neutron through her legs and quenching cheeks of the Bananiana. She almost made the cheeks swollen, and Bananiana cried what are you doing Drunken Mistress? She quenched his cheeks so many times, the whole night that Neutron didn’t remember the count.


She suddenly stood and went to Booty Boy and started hitting his bums vigorously. She almost hit seven to eight times. Then Neutron went to her and forcibly took her to mattress to lie down and she again tried to get up but he forced her down and started tapping her head slowly, like the tap on a baby’s head given. Almost one hour this continues quenching of cheeks, shouting, tapping on head. Then she calm down and went to little bit sleep. After that the morning air can be smelled and the Booty Boy woke up and realisation is made that you had been hit by the Drunken Mistress, but he was so tired that he didn’t remember a thing. Bananiana and Neutron remain awoke the whole night and keep awaken till everyone joined them.

After everyone was up all of them just gathered their head and the belongings, got calm and then started their journey to back home.


“This is not just a story I’m writing, this is the story that I felt need to be told to all the characters of the story and the essence of the story is just the love, care and the respect to them.”

Indian Farmers__A Pity Situation

I was reading an article on Indian farmers in a magazine. “What corruption has damaged the condition of the Indian Farmers”. Their was a time when the Indian Farmers were buried in debts of the landlords and influential people of the villages. But the condition been worse now-a-days because of the Government System today.

Head Clerks, assistant clerks, Tehsildaar, Gram Mukhiya or Gram Pradhan, Lekhpaals everybody has become like a parasite and sucking the blood out of the farmers, until their strength to bear suffering broke. Many farmers commit suicide or become slave to these kind of the people. There was a incident reported that there was a farmer who want to buy some seeds and the fertilizers for the upcoming season of the farming. Since he has no money to buy the needs, someone suggested him to borrow the amount from the Government’s National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. He went there to apply for the loan.
As he arrived and apply for the loan the Manager of the Bank in his area told that he must bribe him to get pass the loan, as in that situation he agreed. To buy all things he wanted 35000 INR loan from the Bank. But the manager said he wants 7000 INR as bribe. After him the Head Clerk said he has also share of 5000 INR or they will not clear his loan. Being incapable he accepted, but after that Gram Pradhan also demanded he also has a share in this. Now what can he do. After loan amount money discharged from the bank they all took the share. Only 18000 INR left in his hand after giving all the three of them bribe.In that amount of the money he can buy the equipment, seeds and the fertilizers he needed. He tried to fight with the situation for a while but at last he lost the battle and committed suicide with his whole family including a small girl aged 10 years.

Who is the responsible one behind this Manager of the Bank, Head Clerk of the Bank or the Gram Pradhan? I guess the Government, because if the government has made the system transparent and helpful to the farmers then their should be no incidents like this. Alone in year 2011 the no of suicides committed by the farmer reached 15000, in year 2012 it rose to 17000. And now approximately 46-50 farmers (including female) committing suicide every day averaging 18000 per year.

This should be stopped, because our farmers also started giving up farming due to low yielding and the revenue. It’s not like that the crop is bad or the yielding is not proper but the whole system of the mediators between the customers and the farmers are the real problem. They buy from the farmers on very low rates and sell in the market to customers at very high rate. This cause financial damage to both the farmers and the customers. If these mediators removed then the farmers can go directly to the customers selling at the profitable rate to them and to the customers also. The government should take action on this at high priority as bad days are going on but those days are not so long when the worse times of the Agricultural India arrives.

Anchit Sharma’s Post

Date: 3rd September 2014
Location: Noida, Sector 62 intersection (Towards NH-24)
Time: Between 5:00 PM and 5:15 PM

The moment I took a right turn towards the intersection on NH24, I saw this young guy on a bike (DL4SBK 5461), without a helmet, in his early 20s, zip across the road, brushing my car bumper. He moved on as if nobody’s business. The colleague of mine, sitting right next to me, was as amazed as me and before we could react, we see him slow down, make lewd gestures and hurl abuses towards a white-coloured Ford Figo.

My first instinct was to give this guy, who looked drunk, a piece of my mind. But to my horror, as soon as I approached this guy, I found him signalling the female driver to stop her vehicle and sit on his motorbike instead. This went on for good one or two minutes before we started honking. I decided to intervene, but the guy simply lifted his shirt a bit, flashing a knife and threatened us of dire consequences. And all this was happening in the middle of the road, in broad daylight. Cars zipped past as the guy once again fled on his motorbike towards the Ford Figo driven by this female driver, who seemed petrified with what was happening to her. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO (

We turned on our mobile camera as the vehicles approached the intersection and decided to intervene again. The guy once again stopped his bike and continued to tease the young lady driving the car. We simply stationed our car between the two vehicles and started honking to get the guy’s attention. I asked the woman if the guy was harassing her. She simply nodded in affirmation and looked away to avoid seeing what all was happening.

This time he got off his bike and charged towards our car. But instead of flashing knife or threaten us, he politely knocked and asked us to roll down the window to have a chat. Simply because he finally saw us filming the whole act. He went away showing us a thumbs up sign, realising we meant trouble. Please note all this was happening in front of Traffic cops.
By the time he got back to the bike, the light turned green and even as I asked the female driver to remain stationary, she simply raced away. Luckily, the moron’s bike decided to act funny as he struggled to get the bike started. The light had turned red in the meantime.

The moment he managed to get the engine running, he turned towards us and signalled once again about the lady he had been teasing this whole time. The guy paid no attention to the red signal and jumped it without second thoughts, to go after the girl once again. We tried to follow them but simply couldn’t, given the heavy traffic movement. By the time our signal turned green, almost a minute had passed and both the vehicles were nowhere to be seen.

All this happened for a good 5 to 7 minutes on a busy Noida road and nobody decided to come forward, stand up or help the poor soul out there. No one. Not even cops who saw this incident unfold right in front of their eyes.

Please share the video and pics to help us track down the monster and in case this post reaches the lady, I would humbly request her to come forward and identify this man. Letting him go unpunished is as good as defending his act.


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Achint Sharma






Cruelity At It’s Most Dominant Position

Yesterday I saw the first episode of the new season of “Satyamev Jayte” and I can say that what we are expecting in 1947 after we got out freedom is not achieved. I’m in shock situation that where we headed and where we have reached until now. This all thing is like termite and making everything, every system weak and unstable from inside. We have to fight if from this instant of time onwards.

The incident happened on 16th December, 2012 and all the incident happened after that, especially the incident which took place in West Bengal (Post: Is This The End of Civilization?) about which I mentioned in the earlier post shook everyone.That incident made us think where we are wrong till now why all this happening here. Some people said that this all happened due to females wearing inviting clothes. Now that’s ridiculous you can’t blame others to hide your animal instinct. Even reports say that in 90% rape cases the victim was wearing Saree or Suit not western dresses.


Everyone know the problem I’ll suggest some solution to it. We live in male dominant country. This is the first problem for all this. We all say women and men are equal. The people sitting on higher ranks are also from this society having the same mindset that’s why they are not treated equal compare to men in the system. This have to get changed. When this will change rest of the thing start falling along same line. Our system should be made so strong and active that in these cases convict should get punishment in few months not years.  The active machinery can make they feel fear in minds because one of the top most reason is that they don’t feel fear of getting arrested or getting convicted and punished from the court. The fear should be get starting in every person’s mind thinking of doing this kind of shameful crime. In this the role of “Police and Medical Teams” is very important that’s why I refer the word “System” in above contexts. The Police’s approach and thinking have to be changed according to the females.

When all this will happen I’ll raise my head and say with proud I proud be an Indian and a Delhite.

Is This End Of The Civilization

Are we really living in the 21st century? Or we all should die because it’s the end of everything?

Yesterday when I heard this news I literally been shaken from inside and thinking are we deserved to be called “Human”. Because what that been done was not the act of human. We are worst then the animals, even animals are better than us.

In Bengal a 20 year old girl was gang-raped by 12 people of her same village she lives and this is not a act by those 12 people actually it was the order of the “Mukhia” of the village in Panchayat to gang-rape her. Who were those people who raped her, strangers? No, they were the people that girl used to meet them in village someone she call kaka, someone dada and someone bhai.

This is not the human act. On 16th December, 2013 a heinous act was done and now this. No what we are expecting from this society. Our culture is being lost and what is going on is taking to end of everything we call civilized. This is not the civic sense.

F.I.R. is lodged and 10 culprits had been caught but what about that girl. She was given punishment to that thing which is not a crime. To love a person whether the person is of any community or cast is not any crime. God created only people and we created caste but this casteism is not doing any good to society, on contrary it’s only making people mentally ill and shrinking their thinking only to the casteism. Due to this people judging each other on caste is worst.

This whole thing should be stop because I don’t want to give this type of India to the upcoming generation after us. We should think and act quickly, actively and eradicate all these heinous systems. This is my appeal to myself and everyone else. We should do something quickly and purposefully as this instant from now on.