Cruelity At It’s Most Dominant Position

Yesterday I saw the first episode of the new season of “Satyamev Jayte” and I can say that what we are expecting in 1947 after we got out freedom is not achieved. I’m in shock situation that where we headed and where we have reached until now. This all thing is like termite and making everything, every system weak and unstable from inside. We have to fight if from this instant of time onwards.

The incident happened on 16th December, 2012 and all the incident happened after that, especially the incident which took place in West Bengal (Post: Is This The End of Civilization?) about which I mentioned in the earlier post shook everyone.That incident made us think where we are wrong till now why all this happening here. Some people said that this all happened due to females wearing inviting clothes. Now that’s ridiculous you can’t blame others to hide your animal instinct. Even reports say that in 90% rape cases the victim was wearing Saree or Suit not western dresses.


Everyone know the problem I’ll suggest some solution to it. We live in male dominant country. This is the first problem for all this. We all say women and men are equal. The people sitting on higher ranks are also from this society having the same mindset that’s why they are not treated equal compare to men in the system. This have to get changed. When this will change rest of the thing start falling along same line. Our system should be made so strong and active that in these cases convict should get punishment in few months not years.  The active machinery can make they feel fear in minds because one of the top most reason is that they don’t feel fear of getting arrested or getting convicted and punished from the court. The fear should be get starting in every person’s mind thinking of doing this kind of shameful crime. In this the role of “Police and Medical Teams” is very important that’s why I refer the word “System” in above contexts. The Police’s approach and thinking have to be changed according to the females.

When all this will happen I’ll raise my head and say with proud I proud be an Indian and a Delhite.