Is This End Of The Civilization

Are we really living in the 21st century? Or we all should die because it’s the end of everything?

Yesterday when I heard this news I literally been shaken from inside and thinking are we deserved to be called “Human”. Because what that been done was not the act of human. We are worst then the animals, even animals are better than us.

In Bengal a 20 year old girl was gang-raped by 12 people of her same village she lives and this is not a act by those 12 people actually it was the order of the “Mukhia” of the village in Panchayat to gang-rape her. Who were those people who raped her, strangers? No, they were the people that girl used to meet them in village someone she call kaka, someone dada and someone bhai.

This is not the human act. On 16th December, 2013 a heinous act was done and now this. No what we are expecting from this society. Our culture is being lost and what is going on is taking to end of everything we call civilized. This is not the civic sense.

F.I.R. is lodged and 10 culprits had been caught but what about that girl. She was given punishment to that thing which is not a crime. To love a person whether the person is of any community or cast is not any crime. God created only people and we created caste but this casteism is not doing any good to society, on contrary it’s only making people mentally ill and shrinking their thinking only to the casteism. Due to this people judging each other on caste is worst.

This whole thing should be stop because I don’t want to give this type of India to the upcoming generation after us. We should think and act quickly, actively and eradicate all these heinous systems. This is my appeal to myself and everyone else. We should do something quickly and purposefully as this instant from now on.