Anchit Sharma’s Post

Date: 3rd September 2014
Location: Noida, Sector 62 intersection (Towards NH-24)
Time: Between 5:00 PM and 5:15 PM

The moment I took a right turn towards the intersection on NH24, I saw this young guy on a bike (DL4SBK 5461), without a helmet, in his early 20s, zip across the road, brushing my car bumper. He moved on as if nobody’s business. The colleague of mine, sitting right next to me, was as amazed as me and before we could react, we see him slow down, make lewd gestures and hurl abuses towards a white-coloured Ford Figo.

My first instinct was to give this guy, who looked drunk, a piece of my mind. But to my horror, as soon as I approached this guy, I found him signalling the female driver to stop her vehicle and sit on his motorbike instead. This went on for good one or two minutes before we started honking. I decided to intervene, but the guy simply lifted his shirt a bit, flashing a knife and threatened us of dire consequences. And all this was happening in the middle of the road, in broad daylight. Cars zipped past as the guy once again fled on his motorbike towards the Ford Figo driven by this female driver, who seemed petrified with what was happening to her. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO (

We turned on our mobile camera as the vehicles approached the intersection and decided to intervene again. The guy once again stopped his bike and continued to tease the young lady driving the car. We simply stationed our car between the two vehicles and started honking to get the guy’s attention. I asked the woman if the guy was harassing her. She simply nodded in affirmation and looked away to avoid seeing what all was happening.

This time he got off his bike and charged towards our car. But instead of flashing knife or threaten us, he politely knocked and asked us to roll down the window to have a chat. Simply because he finally saw us filming the whole act. He went away showing us a thumbs up sign, realising we meant trouble. Please note all this was happening in front of Traffic cops.
By the time he got back to the bike, the light turned green and even as I asked the female driver to remain stationary, she simply raced away. Luckily, the moron’s bike decided to act funny as he struggled to get the bike started. The light had turned red in the meantime.

The moment he managed to get the engine running, he turned towards us and signalled once again about the lady he had been teasing this whole time. The guy paid no attention to the red signal and jumped it without second thoughts, to go after the girl once again. We tried to follow them but simply couldn’t, given the heavy traffic movement. By the time our signal turned green, almost a minute had passed and both the vehicles were nowhere to be seen.

All this happened for a good 5 to 7 minutes on a busy Noida road and nobody decided to come forward, stand up or help the poor soul out there. No one. Not even cops who saw this incident unfold right in front of their eyes.

Please share the video and pics to help us track down the monster and in case this post reaches the lady, I would humbly request her to come forward and identify this man. Letting him go unpunished is as good as defending his act.


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