Hi, I haven’t written a blog for more than seven months. There may be two reasons either I was busy or I wasn’t getting a topic to write on and express my feelings. And for waiting for seven months I got the topic “Friendship & Love”. No topic can be bigger and better than “Friendove”. Few days back I was talking to my friend. He told me his trip and party with his friends he spent out of the town. The whole group enjoyed a lot. The group has six friends, one girl and five boys.
Let me introduce you with the whole group. The host of the party was a cool guy. His name is “Booty Boy”. He is always fond of the gathering of friends, and I’m sure this time he got what he wanted and he got overwhelmed. The girl is very cheesy, over the top “PANJU” types. Her name is “Drunken Mistress”. She is obsessive with Drinking and partying. The third one, well what I can I tell you about him. He’s fond of trips adventure and very worthy enjoyable person carry the name “Woody Hoops”. The next and fourth is very fond of exercises and toning his body. He never wants to slip the exercise rather than anything. He named as “Bananiana”. One thing he always likes is to be with the troublemakers or I should say treblemakers. Next fifth and last just a simple common person oldest in the age, youngest in the fun, and he never forgets to take the best care of his friends. He is named as the “Neutron”.


They all gathered somewhere in a rented house out of the town to celebrate their friendship with the love, the care & of course with the foam of smoke and river of beverages. They all pre-committed that they will take enjoyment to the next level today, and you know what this was the exactly what they did. They celebrated & celebrated night long until the night lost the fight and the sun rose through the East.


They started with the little bit of some beer and the talking. The party music was going on side by side. Bananiana started to have the Sides and the Cold-drink. He never drinks, yeah that’s true he never drinks and he says he never will but the presence of his makes the difference in the group. As not all the seasons and fingers are equal, in the same way not all the friends are equal but only due the absence of the one the void the emptiness is being experienced. Same way he drinks or not his presence is necessary and always to be wanted. The Neutron got a DSLR and he started what he is known for. Yes photographs, but couldn’t do it for long as the reason of the gathering was not what he was doing, he start boozing.


Woody Hoops needed to be loosen up and he started to loosen up quickly but not the Bananiana as he was complaining for few unknown personality but how long he can deny. The time will come and enjoyment will definitely get over him but little later. This is the time Booty boy showed his booty on the songs one after another and started to set the mood that was very wonkiness and very crispy. Everyone started to join. The smoke was everywhere and the time is that it had to be. “Tu twenty plus ho gayi”, what a song and what an atmosphere this song created with the dance of the booty boy. In the whole song he prompted “Drunken Mistress”, and I know what you could think that she blushed but, I would say in your dreams ‘baby’. If I describe her exact reaction at the point of the time she blushed for a single moment and joined with Booty Boy to give exact replica reactions back to him just accordance to the song’s lyrics. This was the time when real celebration begins, the celebration of friendship, the celebration of love so I called this the celebration of “Friendove”.


As all having there booze, and getting little bit high, everyone insists “Neutron” to indulge in the dancing and show his few steps. Accepting the invitation and song suggested by Bananiana, he started to dance and dance little bit, showing his one of the “signature step”. He got applauded. Now the time came for the “Drunken Mistress”. She started to move her legs, hands, hips and most importantly hairs. Sometime they thought “Ghosts had hopped in her”. She danced her heart out, taking bit breaks with the cigarette and roaming in the place’s balcony for the fresh air. She sat on the railing of the balcony holding Woody Hoops by the right and the Bananiana on the left, Neutron smoking his one in the front, when Booty Boy and Bananiana said that step down Mistress the railing will melt because you are too hot for the railing.


You know guys these are the precious moment of the night that are going to be in the memory fresh better than ever till the last breath of the every single person present under the roof. After getting so much freshness of breeze outside atmosphere they all came back to the main hall for the new Booze bottle. And after the second booze got finished “Drunken Mistress” showed her true colours, flavours, goosing, mossing, dazing, oozing and what not. It’s like she got out of the cocoon. Drinking two bottles of booze just made her break the cocoon and feel free and fresh. She started roiling, dwelling, and making stupefies measures. Every time she was pampering three people Bananiana, Woody Hoops & Neutron and among the three “Bananiana” the most.  Her favourite one liner to Bananiana was “I love you, as a friend”. This happened for more than 50 – 60 times in just 6 hours span, and don’t imagine what happened afterwards. Sometimes they called her “arey baba” on which she instantly interrupted “Baba nahi baby”.


She was on top of the world; booze was taking its toll on her mind, completely driven insane and marinated. She was dancing anomaly but lovingly, throwing herself with full force on Bananiana, Woody Hoops and Neutron. She felt some dizzied and low on stamina and lied on her back talking, she also got her feet massaged, at this point of time every one was chillaxing and toxin-noting. Everyone was feeling livid and resonating. Suddenly she started shouting “Inqualab Zindabad” with some cigarette puffs. It was her third one and it was her first time that she had so much smoke sticks. That hit hard on her head, to calm her down was like a humongous task.


They all decided to sing songs together. Now all of them Booty Boy, Drunken Mistress, Woody Hoops, Bananiana and Neutron started singing songs. One by one they sang romantic songs like “Is Kadar Pyar Hai”, “Gulabi Aankhen” etc.


Everyone was feeling hungry, so all of them decided to have dinner, if you can guess the time don’t even try to as the time was nearly three in the morning. She was in no condition to have her food on her own, there were two caretakers who made her eat & swallow her food. She was having her food like a small baby “nonu”. She in dizzied manner insisted to have the food on her own but couldn’t and spilled the food on Neutron. Bananiana and Neutron made sure she had the food completely as much as she wanted. After she had her dinner Bananiana took her to the adjoining room, whereas Neutron and Booty Boy continued to have the dinner. After everybody had their dinner the room was cleaned for lying down. Everyone ate something but not the Woody Hoops. He insisted not for having a single bite. Being a good host Booty Boy cleaned the mess and the room for everybody can lie down.


After cleaning the room everyone came under the single room, there were three mattresses on which all lie down side by side and lining on each other. Drunken Mistress was pointing Bananiana, Woody Hoops and Neutron, “mere teen anmol rattan”. She was pretty high, might be on above the top of her own world.  Everyone asked Booty Boy to play some romantic songs; he started to play songs through the “YouTube”.


When all of them got tired listening to the romantic songs and the dizzied Drunken Mistress constantly doing insane actions, shouting, crying pretty weird but at the same time very lovely. There was no stopping to her and she was not even in any one’s control. Rest of them were thinking to give her slaps, but couldn’t. Booty Boy played a long Jingle on YouTube and lied down; went to sleep. Woody Hoops was trying to sleep but every time he was tamed by the Drunken Mistress. His hair was constantly on the berk of stretching by her and she was just laughing and saying no one will sleep. She was begging on trot for the Booze, which rest of them had denied her. She was fighting with them just to have the booze.


All of them were trying to get some rest but she was not even trying to calm down and keep lying on the mattress. When she wants, she stood up wandering here & there, pulling hairs of Woody Hoops, pushing Neutron through her legs and quenching cheeks of the Bananiana. She almost made the cheeks swollen, and Bananiana cried what are you doing Drunken Mistress? She quenched his cheeks so many times, the whole night that Neutron didn’t remember the count.


She suddenly stood and went to Booty Boy and started hitting his bums vigorously. She almost hit seven to eight times. Then Neutron went to her and forcibly took her to mattress to lie down and she again tried to get up but he forced her down and started tapping her head slowly, like the tap on a baby’s head given. Almost one hour this continues quenching of cheeks, shouting, tapping on head. Then she calm down and went to little bit sleep. After that the morning air can be smelled and the Booty Boy woke up and realisation is made that you had been hit by the Drunken Mistress, but he was so tired that he didn’t remember a thing. Bananiana and Neutron remain awoke the whole night and keep awaken till everyone joined them.

After everyone was up all of them just gathered their head and the belongings, got calm and then started their journey to back home.


“This is not just a story I’m writing, this is the story that I felt need to be told to all the characters of the story and the essence of the story is just the love, care and the respect to them.”