Doubters Became Believers

I don’t believe in God. I’m an Academic, an Engineer, a purely Logical Person who finds logic behind each and everything in world…life; so I don’t have faith in something don’t exist or without a logic. I have faith in my family, friends and most importantly myself. I believe in Nature… Mother Nature. But I’m not discussing here what I believe or not, today I have something better and important to say.
Doubting in someone’s ability is quite common, so on that note nothing new, but the question is on whom ability are you doubting? A person having a determined character is not the right one to doubt. When people doubted on the ability of Sir Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein both proved everybody wrong. That was the exact point when the “Doubters Became Believers”.
That was the same case happened to a person I’m watching from my childhood days. That person is a Legend. He is known by many names RF, FedExpress or just “Roger Federer”.
Roger Federer had very bad year, or I say forgettable year 2016. More than half of the season he was out of the court due to the knee injury. The critics told him to retire. But I think Roger Federer and his better half Mirka Federer had some amazing plans.
If we see his build, he’s exactly what an athlete dream of.., strong legs, swiftness in body and blazing strength in hands. He is one of those 5 players in the world who play backhand single handedly. Long rallies, drop shots, aces, slashes, fierce returns a.k.a. mixture of everything great.
Coming back from injury is never easy. Your confidence is down all time low. You are searching the ground to stand on and when also critics making life hell and air around you un-breathable . Family support is what everyone have that make you solid and hard like mountain so that you can accomplish anything. This is what he does just few weeks back.
Having confidence in himself, a supporting wife Mirka and kids whom face can make any parent just forget anything bad happened. In comeback his wife and kids played important part.
His rivalry against Rafa is world known. In head to head clash Rafa leads Federer and picking up the favourite there was “Deuce”. Rafa also coming back from an injury. Both greats were searching the ground again for the foot-hold. None of them was favourite for years first grand slam AO. Undoubtedly Rafa is king on clay courts and Federer on the grass court. So first both were playing each other on their second best court respectively. Who can forget the epic battle in the Wimbledon 2008, when Rafa stunned the world by beating Roger Federer in the slam finals. There was doubt who will win but everyone knew that the battle is going to be Epic and will be remembered for the ages.
In the arena there were Federer fans, Rafa fans and some of them sporting the cards of “Fedal – Sorry Can’t Choose”. A month ago who would have thought that Rafa (World No. 9) and Federer (World No. 17) will be contesting for Slam beating all odds, both coming from injury and missing most of 2016 season.
The single handed backhand winners from the Federer set the tone and the music didn’t stopped there. As he won the Australian Open his 18th Grand Slam title most by any male players in the Open Era and beating Rafa he cemented his position permanently in the Tennis History and unforgettable part of Tennis, also laying rest all the discussion who is better between the two (Roger or Rafa). At last Federer showed his superiority on the court (Hard) which is second best strength of the either two. This match showed everyone why Roger Federer is greatest among all.
This is not the morning, it’s the evening and the night is coming when he’ll say good-bye to tennis. But this evening is shining more than the morning. So just stop for a while, enjoy the evening and celebrate this festival known as “Roger Federer”.