Delhi Assembly Elections

Yesterday was a day “Delhi” will never forget. A party having no birth a year ago swept away the biggest party of the country & emerging as a second biggest party in the elections. “AAP”. It was correctly said that the elections were between the corrupt & the honest one. Here I remember a line from great Ram Manohar Lohia i.e., “If the awaken group wants the change then they will not wait for the 5 years. The change will start from now & this second.”

When I’ve to decide that whether should I vote to AAP or BJP I was in a fix. AAP being a complete new comer it’s true they need to be a bit experienced. To start political career it is good to start with first 5 years as main “Opposition Party” then the “Ruling Party”. That’s why by thinking this I chose to vote BJP. But the result that out yesterday showed a history in making. It was clear that the voting that happened was anti-Congress. Many big politicians were defeated by the new comers of AAP party.
Hats of!!!

and still many things to come.